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Riverjack the Soapstone Otter

Riverjack the Soapstone Otter

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Riverjack floats pensively down the river, admiring the treasure he plucked from beneath the waves.

This is a unique, hand-carved sculpture is created from a single piece of soapstone I split in two. Together the pieces form an otter swimming through a river, in and our of the surface. In his arms balances a mirror-like blue marble.

Riverjack is carved from a piece of unique looking soapstone, colours ranging from earthy-red to speckled brown-green. 

He is polished with tung oil to bring out the natural earthy colours of the stone.

550g + 200g (750g)

(front) 12cm x 18cm x 18xm
(bottom) 11cm x 8cm x 7cm

(Wooden base not included)
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