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Art by A.Giroux

Fabled Foil Bookmarks

Fabled Foil Bookmarks

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Fabled Foil Bookmarks are a special limited edition series, with only 100 of each design available. Inspired by animal myth and legend, they feature unique foil stamping making them the perfect bookmark for book lovers. 


Bravery • Truth • Honour
For those who cherish tales of righteous heroes and noble sacrifice in the name of truth and honour. Embossed in gold, Saint Guinefort was a faithful hound who faced down a venomous serpent to save a child, elevated to sainthood for his courageous deed and wrongful death.

Tenacity • Cleverness • Trickery
For those who fancy tales of clever tricksters and cunning rogues, forever cheering on the underdogs. Embossed in silver, the Wren was crowned the King of Birds after outwitting the mighty Eagle in a challenge of who could fly highest.

Faith • Foresight • Fortitude
For those who treasure tales of humble saviours and strength that comes in many forms. Embossed in copper, the Mouse convinced a mighty Lion to be merciful and spare its life, returning the favour when that same Lion found himself caught in a hunter’s trap. 


  • Double sided
  • Gold, Silver, or Copper foil
  • Soft touch paper stock
  • 3 x 7" (75mm x 179mm)
  • Made in Canada

Text editing and writing by S.Vigeant

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