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Art by A.Giroux

By Fire Zine – Digital Download

By Fire Zine – Digital Download

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'By Fire: A Psychopomp Story' — Short Graphic Novel/Zine

18 page, full colour, digital download. 

You might already know what a psychopomp is, even if you’ve never heard the word. They’re the angels, spirits, and other figures that guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Some of the characters featured in this story are inspired by animals that appear in folklore and fiction, like the church grim and the whippoorwill, while others are associated with death and the afterlife, like crows and cats. It’s not their job to judge the dead, simply to show them the way. But that’s not always as simple as it sounds

Though we've sold out of this print run, Digital Downloads are now available, with options to donate at different tiers. Thank you.

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