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TwinOwls — Art by A.Giroux

[SOLD] Large Black Soapstone Crow with Marble

[SOLD] Large Black Soapstone Crow with Marble

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Crows and ravens are significant symbols in many cultures and legends. They are often shape-shifters, messengers, and teachers.

This black soapstone crow is alert and holds a prized marble in her beak. Her gaze is upward and direct, head tilted in curiosity. Her wings are slightly extended as she makes ready for flight.

This sculpture is hand carved from pure black soapstone. This type of steatite, also called as construction grade soapstone, is high density and durable. The natural colour is revealed by hand polishing with tung oil and locally sourced beeswax. The antique marble is removable and needs no adhesive.


1.5kg / 3.25lbs

18x10x14cm / 7x4x5.5"

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