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TwinOwls — Art by A.Giroux

[SOLD] Large Black Soapstone Bear with Salmon

[SOLD] Large Black Soapstone Bear with Salmon

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A black bear sits heavily on his haunches, a freshly caught orange salmon delicately balanced in his jaws. The bear is carved from natural black soapstone, also known as construction grade soapstone due to its weight and denseness, making it more difficult to carve than average. 

The salmon is created to fit perfectly in the mouth, with no adhesive added. 

This very unique piece took over 12 hours to create. The blue-black colour is 100% natural, brought out by polishing with all natural beeswax and tung oil. 

3200g / 7lbs

15 x 13 x 20cm / 6 x 5 x 7.5"

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